About the Last Wish

The Last Wish is a complete platform to leave your last wishes in life to be forwarded in the afterlife, integrating in a single environment all the necessary resources, services and security.

The Platform was developed to ensure that your last wishes are sent to your friends and family in the right moment by sending emails, SMS, videos, messages in social networks, with total reliability, providing comfort for the entities Dear ones.


Step 1 – Register your wishes

Register at the website of all your messages with the options: videos, texts, photos and documents.


Step 2 – Select your actions

Indicate who and when deliveries should be made. The scheduling can be made by days, months, years, specific dates or events.


Step 3 – Request the trigger

The people indicated May request the trigger, with the send of the death certificate.


Step 4 – Validate and activate actions

The team will validate the death certificate send by your loved one, right after it will be sent by the site the information created by you.

Make your pre-booking

Until the launch we are registering the pioneers who will have their free account in the Full Plan for five years.

They will still have the right to indicate at most five friends to have the same benefit.


  • Save here yours secrets, passwords, scraps, funeral text, life insurance, properties, delations among many other information;

  • Sending unlimited email in funeral letter or award-winning format;

  • The Messages also will be send by facebook, instagram or WhatsApp.

  • The service has no legal value for purposes of inventory, testament and the like, as these are provisions of last wishes. Such provisions will only be disclosed after the validation of the death certificate sent by any of your loved ones;

  • Be free to edit your desires whenever you want and wherever you are.

Contact us:


WhatsApp: +55 (31) 7598-8706
Phone: +55 (31) 3019-7977

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